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photo: mayra azzi

AMA (2018)

AMA took as its starting point photographs and documentary films that portray the work force and life of women divers. Heirs of an ancient tradition, these women are known as “ama” – women of the sea – and snorkel in the icy waters of the Pacific to hunt oysters, shellfish, seaweed and pearls.

“We are interested in the strength of survival of this way of life and of these women who are associated to literally live off the ocean. The poetic intensity of these images seems to update a certain spirit of collectivity”, say the creator-interpreters.

conception and direction I CERCO COREOGRAPHIC

choreography I Andreia Yonashiro, Bárbara Malavoglia, Marion Hesser

artistic collaboration I Julia Rocha

artistic collaboration, sound and technology I Sara Lana

guest artists: Fernanda Porto, Inaê Moreira, Joana Ferraz, Mainá Santana, Natália Mendonça

sound design [raw] I Thiago Salas

sound drawing [cooked] I Patrícia Bizzotto

percussion I André Ricardo, Moustapha Dieg, Birima Mbaye

light design I André Boll

costumes I Valentina Soares

photo and video I Mayra Azzi

graphic design I Victoria Vic

production I José Renato

production assistance I Guilherme Funari

press office I Tania Bernucci

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