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“Each body is a constellation of bodies”, this is the invitation from Alana Falcão and Leonardo França's The Book of Envelations. In it, the authors invite the dance artists Inaê Moreira, Neemias Santana, Melissa Figueiredo and Denny Neves to rehearse disappearances through choreographic micromythologies in the articulation between dance, photography, orality and literature. The printed publication is part of the Duna publisher's catalog and has an audiobook produced by João Milet Meirelles.

The artists' proposal is for the book to be experienced as a dance, as a body that moves between appearances and disappearances of words, images and sensations. In turn, the audiobook proposes dances that only happen when heard and imagined; a kind of cinema that is seen only with open ears and closed eyes. In times of social isolation and the inflation of a historic humanitarian crisis, the dance in this book asks us: which collectivities inhabit the dances of our individual lives? Will we ignore the dead? Will we know how to dance with the lives of the dead and the living?

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