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photo: shai andrade

MEMORE-SI (2020)

To memorate is to remember, to evoke, to bring up, to revolve... From the cerrado to the sea, how many interwoven memories are possible to find. Like the Memore-si breeze, it sways with a good wind to breathe. Memories in the form of time, smells, sensations, breaths, silences, care and affection. With roses in her hands and roots in her head, Memore-si is an invitation to listen to the memories of the land, roses, shells, braids... With the permission of the waters, the ayabás, the oldest and the children, memory asks for permission to remember. Have you danced with your memories today? Memory is where everything starts and everything ends.

Born in front of the sea, in the community of Morro da Sereia - Salvador, the show Memore-si, appears in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, with much breathing and resistance. Approved by the Art and Culture Fund of the State of Goiás and directed by Inaê Moreira, the project conceived by the performer Roberta Rox, was inspired by themes such as ancestry, Afrofuturism, roots, healing and memory.

Performer - Roberta Rox

Direction - Inaê Moreira

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