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a whale stranded on the beach, at the beginning, title-galaxy, always, a pregnant woman in front of a stone, copper plates, sound lines, (a woman is a woman, a stone is a stone, a whale is a whale, no there are metaphors), in 2016, the inauguration of the belo monte plant, a kind of beached whale, a tragedy, in 2018, two days after the episode of Bolsonaro being stabbed, in the street, in front of the house's gate, a woman pregnant with slashes, she dies in the street leaving behind a teenage scream that echoed from behind the door, follow the passage, everyone around her, from afar the landscape of her belly, like an island, in 2019, raoni, who fought and cried many tears for the tragedy from beautiful hill, acts as the president of our country, with more than 80 years, across the ocean, tomorrow, the general strike, the reform of the presidency, the willingness of the heart and musculature to see the limits, not ignore, a woman is a woman, a stone is a stone, a whale is a whale, there is no goal aways, Sunday, a chance at sunset and for those who still don't have a name.


andreia yonashiro (direction)

bella (sound design)

net home (support)

inaê moreira (dance)

joão aleixo (direction, accordion)

juçara marçal (voice)

Julia Zakia (camera)

marcius lindner (direction)

marion hesser (steering, gargling)

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