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Conceived from an ancient restlessness of the dancer Gāthā, together with her friend and conductor Letieres Leite, who signs the project's soundtrack, “A Hora Aberta” carries this narrative of its own experiences, in expanded and plural perspectives. The images were recorded under the direction of Mayara Ferrão. According to Gāthā, the guiding signs of performance are the different phases of life, in an inverse chronology: from death to birth. "Within this reverse biography, we will keep the possibility of covering a multiplicity of versions", comments the artist. Dancer Inaê Moreira signs the work's creative and movement direction. The project has financial support from the State of Bahia through the Secretariat of Culture and of the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia (Program Aldir Blanc Bahia) via the Aldir Blanc Law, directed by the Special Secretariat of Culture of the Ministry of Tourism, Federal Government.


Design and General Direction: Gāthā

General management and coordination: Caelí da Silva Gobbato

Executive Production: Simone Braz and Ismael Fagundes

Field production: Natália Valério and Ismael Fagundes

Direction: Mayara Ferrão

Creative and movement direction: Inaê Moreira e Gāthā

Choreographic collaboration: Morena Nascimento

Script collaboration: Safira Moreira

Performance and Art Direction: Gāthā

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