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photo: hallit

ICÓ (dance show / 2016-2017)

To plunge in our memory’s texture revealed a cumplicity in lost or buried experiences related to being a foreigner and nomad. All that with the desire to perceive oneself rooted. Here, the act of inhabiting would resemble to the ritual, as a reaffirmation of a world view, and dance would be more linked to the role of performance, while re-installing another world view, in constant transit through different languages that cross the the audiovisual field.


Body, presence-absence, different cultures, languages, world views, moving bodies readapt at all times, trace and memory, are some of the themes that come to mind the conception of ICÓ.

Interpreter-Breeders: Dasha Lavrennikov (RUSS), Nóra Barna (HUN), Inaê Moreira (BRA)

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